Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Trip to Napa

Heather and Jeff looking down at the Napa Valley from Sterling Vineyards.
We are a week returned from the Napa trip, and what a blast it was. So sorry we didn't get a chance to report while we were there, but we were on the run so much, there just wasn't time. What, you still want to hear about the trip? I guess I can give you a little rundown. First, we were picked up from the airport by Ma and Pa Ho. It was good to see them again and they soon informed us that they had a surprise for us... they had rented a "pimp mobile." What is a "pimp mobile" you ask? A "pimp mobile," in this case, is a Lincoln Town Car. That's right, an old person car. Pa Ho insisted he wanted to get a Mustang Convertible, but didn't because we couldn't all fit and take our bags with us... I think he was hypnotized by the comfortable ride and roominess that comes with driving a land yacht. 

Anyway, day two, we ventured into wine country, stopping off for a tasting or six. The best wine of the day, Frank Family Vineyards and Schramsberg. (Side note, if you are ever in Napa, and you do one thing, take the tour at Schramsberg, it's the best I've been on yet.) After working up a nice little buzz, we decided to dine at the Rutherford Grill, another Napa must. Tuesday was more of the same, only this time we had learned our lesson and decided to taste and spit. There's nothing worse than a wine headache. Later that afternoon, Heather and Ma Ho got a chance to stomp some grapes, just like Lucy. You can see video of that right HERE! That night, we met up with a friend of Heather's and her husband for a little dinner at Cook in St. Helena. This was the best Italian food we've had in some time. Once again, another place we highly recommend. 

By Tuesday, our batteries were all drained form all of the wine drinking, running around and snoring that was going on. So what better way to relax than to take the ferry into San Francisco for the day. Ma and Pa Ho enjoyed the sea lions at Pier 39, but by the end of the afternoon, we were all spent. It was decided that we'd all take the night off. Our last day was spent looking throughout the valley for a wine bottle cork, and of course a little more tasting. Finally, after a little over due Napa pie, the trip was over. The next morning we flew back home... and finally got some rest.